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Plumbing Re-pipe, Remodel Bathroom, and Shower Pan

All services are available statewide, including, but not limited to Jacksonville, Titusville, Tampa, and Orlando


Some Plumbing jobs entail a complete plumbing re-pipe and remodel for the bathroom. As you will see below, sometimes we find hidden surprises in your plumbing, such as: tree roots growing in piping, items trapped in piping, or defects in the piping itself.

By re- plumbing your old piping you may see an increase in water pressure and/or volume.


When you remodel your bathroom, you are able to update your styles and colors, giving your bathroom a more modern and pleasant look. Both re-piping and remodeling can increase the value and selling price of your home. In fact, you may find that even your insurance company will have rebates for re-piping your home.






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